At Downtown - Farmingdale, NY (1/30/03)



At 9:30pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started with "Funk Infection 2003" ("gonna be a funk infection all over the world, can't you see? gonna be a funk infection in the year 2000 and 3!")......I couldn't think straight from that point on after hearing the stank-ass synthesizer riffs of the magical keyboardist, The Pearl!! Also, #9 (the leader) spent most of the set running to the right side of the stage and jammin' in the audience!! IS THIS GUY ON SOMETHING??!! IF SO, I WANT SOME OF IT!!!"Fly on the Wall" featured some slightly different arrangements (perhaps some pauses snuck in here and there.......told ya I can't think straight!).......this time, Prez is sending off mad funk signals with his synthesized funk grooves!!! Red Hot was the star on lead vocals for "Sexy MF", as she enticed some of the men near the stage! Of course, the designated hitter for the funk, Eric-Jay, was there to entice the women to "shake their asses, show 'em what cha workin' with!!" "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was good, but better was the Groovalicious powerful guitar riffs & solos of "Cosmic Slop" (started with the all-too familiar drumline provided by The Hat (Ainsley Taylor)!! Red Hot and #9 (you know who!) were spotted rolling about on the stage, totally driven mad by the funk-rock power of Groovalicious & solid bassline of The General!! "Every Dog Has Its Day" featured some more of Prez's nasty synth riffs and "Dirty Vamp" featured the dirty guitarisms of Andy Lassalle!!! The relatively short set was over at 10:40pm.



At 11:30pm, the first set of the Funk Filharmonik began with some Tower of Power's "Squib Cakes".......the horns were dead-on funky, like the album version!! Actually, most of the members of the band are from various lineups of the super-power group Tower of Power! The two lead vocalists, one being Tom Bowes, sounded very, very good! From there, the Filharmonik tackled some Earth, Wind & Fire stuff with ease: "Serpentire Fire", "September", "Sing a Song", "Got to Get You Into My Life", "Shining Star" and "In The Stone"! "Got to Get You IntoMy Life" featured some good piano playing and "In The Stone" featured some funky rhythm guitarisms! "Souled Out!" was followed by a serious percussion solo!! The funkiest stuff they did was "Soul Vaccination" & "You Got to Funkifize"......with some of the best baritone sax and bass riffs you could ask for. The first set ended at 12:25am.

I checked out the first 10 minutes of the second set (started at 12:35am) before leaving early. "A Little Knowledge" was a SUPER-SUPER-SUPER FUNKY SONG with some super-funk bass riffs!!! "Only So Much Oil in the Ground" was s'more irresistible funky shit with a blazing trombone solo!!


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