North Mississippi Allstars

At The Upstage - Philly (4/12/00)



I got to The Upstage a little late around 10:50pm and the North Mississippi Allstars were already playing a set filled with the sounds of country, funk & a little taste of rock. The next song that the NMS Allstars played featured some great lead guitar riffing by Luther Dickinson and some very good drumming by his brother, Cody. Sometime during the show, I witnessed some very good rhythm guitaring by guitarist, Garry Burnside. The only song titles that I know are "Going Down South" and "All Night Long". "Going Down South" was a nice slice of country-funk with some strong, funky bass licks by Chris Crew. Cody and Garry switched instruments before the song "All Night Long". "All Night Long" was more of the country/funk material.....I think this was the song where Cody Dickinson (drummer) was playing percussion on an old-fashioned washing board with some metallic fingertips! Pretty innovative!

The show ended at 11:45pm.

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