At the Irving Plaza - NYC (4/17/03)



At 10:20pm, the North Mississippi Allstars started their wonderful show with a different musical arrangement of the song "All Night Long" with Duwayne Burnside on some tasty rhythm guitarisms & lead vocals. The heavy drum intro by Cody Dickinson and mean, blues-rock guitarisms by brother Luther Dickinson on "51 Phantom" were excellent!! An explosive drum intro kicked off "Sugartown" in great form, with a hardcore drum soloing during the middle.....and the chorus was done with part of the chorus sung in a higher note than the studio version! The only thing that was missing was the breaks during the chorus! Luther did some very good acoustic guitaring on "Up Over Yonder".....I also love the "country twang" guitar during the middle! They did a new song where members of the band did some funky soloing.....some powerful guitar riffing over the crunchin' bassisms of Chris Chew and tight drumming!! The Allstars did another song which was some straight-up funk-rock jam, sounding not unlike the style of Jimi Hendrix's stuff.......Duwayne played some nasty lead guitar riffs!! "Lord Have Mercy" had periods of some hyper drumming which eventually led into an all-out electrifying funk jam was the greatest "hootenanny" in New York's history!!! "Shake 'Em on Down" was followed by a fast-tempo country-rock song called "Whiskey Rock 'N' Roller" (originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd.....thanks to "" for the information) with Cody on guitar & vocals and Duwayne on drums. Cody did some good guitar soloing! "K.C. Jones" was another Cody vocal spotlight. The first set ended at 11:15pm.

During the intermission, Luther came out and kept everyone company by doing some acoustic guitarwork, including performing the song "Goin' Down South"!!

At 11:25pm, the band did a couple of new songs followed by "Station Blues/Shimmy She Wobble" which was a super-funky blues jam!! "Freedom Highway" featured some more power drumming by Cody and the rest of the band jamming during the middle of the song!! "Po Black Maddie/Skinny Woman" was too were far as drumming, words cannot describe how strong it was! Cody later put on the washboard and began playing it with some metallic fingertips.....this guy threw in some wicked wah-wah lead guitar effects from Luther's wah-wah guitar pedal!!!!! "Ship" was a serious audience jam.....a up-tempo guitar/bass-driven funky southern-blues song about the joy of meeting the Lord after passing from this life! The show ended at 12:35am.

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