At the North Star Bar, Philly - 10/03/00



Cody Dickinson, playing a washboard!!

At 10:25pm, the North Mississippi Allstars started their funky set with "Shake 'Em on Down", with some countrified funk guitar licks by Luther Dickinson, funky bass riffs by Chris Chew, and heavy, hardcore drumming by Cody Dickinson!!!! "Drinking Muddy Water" was nice, but "Skinny Woman/Po Black Maddie" was da shit with a searing rock guitar solo, some bass that's funky enough to surpass the stench of a landfill, and a fiery drum solo!!"All Night Long" featured seismic, thumpin' bass riffs and an electrifying lead guitar solo!!! IT WAS FONKAY!!!! The next song was a funky jam with a little less country flavor. The song "K.C. Jones (On the Road Again)" is my least favorite because it's pure country music. Cody did the lead vocals and he performed a kick-ass drum intro to the song. "Drop Down Mama" was funky, and so was "Marchin' On". The next song sounded similar to "Skinny Woman". "Station Blues" was a great song with a harder funk-rock influence at the end of each verse!! "Take My Blues Away" was a fast-paced country-rock tune that included a bad-ass bass solo by Chris, with Cody scratching away on the old-fashioned washing board! "Goin' Down South" was good, but the next song (which I don't know) incorporated the breakdown from "Shake 'Em on Down" and had moments of hard-rock guitar blasts and bombastic drumming!!

The set ended at 12:00 midnight.

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