North Mississippi Allstars

At the Bowery Ballroom - NYC (11/10/01)



At 11:10pm, the North Mississippi Allstars started with some countrified funk stuff.....the set included some new stuff from the upcoming CD, "51 Phantom" (due in stores on December 4, 2001).

"Po Black Maddie" (from the 1st release, "Shake Hands With Shorty") was some nastier southern blues, nastier than on the CD......Luther Dickinson's lead guitar riffs were smokin', but better was the second part of the song, "Skinny Woman", where Chris Chew provided some eardrum-pulsating bass licks and Cody Dickinson gave up some tight drumming!!!

"Freedom Highway" was not so good, only because the chorus was just too soft, while the verses had more hard-edge energy to it. "Lord Have Mercy" had some great blues guitar soloing, thanks to Luther! After an all-out rock tune, the Allstars performed a song where the guest rhythm guitarist (I don't know his name) did lead vocals and played some very good rhythm guitar. "Goin' Down South" and "Snake in My Bushes" were next, the latter being a nasty guitar rock where Luther used some type of switch to add short pauses throughout his guitar riffing!! "K.C. Jones" (a straight-up country song) featured lead vocals by Cody and many fans were caught up in a spell of "YEE-HAW"'s!! "Someday Baby" featured some more excellent lead guitaring! "Shimmy She Wobble" (off an EP release) segued into "Station Blues".

"Drop Down Mama" and "Shake 'Em on Down" were followed by an untitled song that followed "All Night Long" (a hidden song on the first CD) where Chris did a NASTY, STANK-ASS bass solo, later to be joined by rhythm & lead guitars!!!

Cody did his solo on the old-fashioned washboard with some metallic fingertips. That was followed by "All Night Long" which featured some super-funky bass licks!! The encore song was "Drinkin' Muddy Water", a slice of some great countrified funk!!At 1:05am, the show was over.

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