(with Rhythm Republik)

At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (3/15/04)


Mabili & Roslyn!!

At 8:40pm, Rhythm Republik started their set with "Disposable Culture" and "Gypsy Woman", a soulful song featuring some perculating bass by Mark Bass. "Nights are Longer Without You" and "All Saints Fall" were followed by "Psychic Toll", featuring some great jamming by the band, especially the fiery drumwork of James Williams!! "For The Last Time 2 Forever" was a beautiful ballad by Mabili and Roslyn! Dedicated to all of the bad stuff going on (the hostile situation in Iraq, the train bombings in Spain, etc.), Rhythm Republik performed the Prince classic "Money Don't Matter 2Nite"............well done, Mabili ("much better than 'well said' ")! "Git to Forever" was some funky shit with some spicy keyboardisms by Pearl, funky bass by Mark, and some nasty lead guitar riffs by Amadou Gaye! (the theme of the song was "no religion is better than another") The last song was (of course) "Mystikal Luva/Finger Lickin'....Hot in the Kitchen", with moi (me) joining Mabili onstage singing "Finger lickin' in the kitchen!" (I wanted to say "Finger lickin', taste like fish!" but that wasn't actually allowed! time...."Make a wish.....taste like fish!") The Rhythm Republik set was over at 9:40pm.

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Sharief Ali and Mabili!!

At 10:05pm, the Nu-Breed Allstars began their set with 2 rappers rapping some lyrics 2 the melody of "Sign O' The Times"........the song "Song O' The Times" featured Sharief Ali on funky guitar and lead vocals! "Pop Life" featured a beautiful woman on lead vocals and another beautiful 1 on funky bass guitar.....unfortunately, the music was 2 mellow 4 the normally funky came off pretty weak. "A Love Bizarre" featured 2 hot women (from the Black Lily series) on lead vocals and Mabili as a sex-struck dog, drooling at the legs of these 2 fine women. (O, and Mabili was on additional vocals 2!) "7" featured a white woman who sounded very good on lead vocals......the music did the Prince song justice. The audience participated with some chanting on "The Cross"....featuring a white dude who brought the house down on some lead vocals! Funky "regular-2-the-tribute-shows" Carlton J. Smith was on hand 4 the lead vocals 2 "Lady Cab Driver"........the boy drove the song on home, baba!! C.J. was so funky that he had 2 throw in "17 Days", 4 good measure! Mabili and Roslyn were the spotlight on "Nothing Compares 2 U". "White Mansion" was done by Sharief, with Sharief substituting some lyrics with some humorous stuff of his own! Sharief was playing a ditty called "Do U Lie?" with Mary Harris chiming in "Do U lie, do U lie?" Mary was holding down the drums & lead vocals on "EYE Feel 4 U"! The guitarwork on "Little Red Corvette" was spectacular! "Old Friends 4 Sale" featured a very good vocalist. "Sometimes It Snows in April" was some very melancholic stuff, while the anthem "Purple Rain" sounded great......the guitar breakdown near the end was beautiful (EYE gotta rent "Purple Rain (The Movie)" again!) "Kiss" featured a black guy doing some excellent falsetto lead vocalization.........the boy is great!! Jen Durkin (from Deep Banana Blackout, Bomb Squad and Bernie Worrell & The WOO Warriors) performed some lead vocals on "It's Gonna B a Beautiful Nite" and the band was seriously cookin, especially with Nikki Glaspie (from the SAM KININGER band) on drums! Zook (from OTIS FUNKMEYER) performed lead vocals on the funky "Sexy M.F.", with the funky horn section and the audience shouting "U Sexy M.F.")! The Nu-Breed Allstars ended the show at 12:20am. Members of the Nu-Breed Allstars and EYE went 2 C Prince at the afterparty at CLUB BLACK, about 2 miles away. OOOWWOO (PRINCE SCREAM)!

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