At B. B. King's Blues Club, NYC (8/17/01)



At 8:15pm, the Ohio Players started funking the New Yorkers with some "Love Rollercoaster"....the opening scratch guitar riffs were FONKAY!!! The Players even threw in a little bit of "O-H-I-O"! "Who'd She Coo?" was the next FUNKY tune.....halfway through the song, the band paused so Diamond Williams (original OP drummer) got his drums on (some FUNKY drumrolls!), followed by some meaty basslines!!!!

The OP guys surprised the fans with a Westbound-era hit, "Funky Worm" (written by original OP keyboardist/later P-Funker, Junie Morrison)....the horns (sax, trumpet & trombone) were hot and blaring, and the keyboardist provided some freakishly funky riffs (almost like Junie)!!

"It's All Over" was good, but "Heaven Must Be Like This" was hilarious, with lead vocalist, Leroy"Sugarfoot" Bonner saying that if everyone wanted to go to heaven, they would have to drop their pants! "Heaven" featured some funky hot trumpet & sax riffs by Bird & Joe, respectively! "Sweet Sticky Thing" featured some strong & sticky bass riffs.....so sweet!!! "Jive Turkey" was good, but "I Want to Be Free" was so much better with Diamond's tight drumming (just exactly like the album version)....Sugarfoot sounded like he did about 27 years ago (it was so magical)!!

The encore performance started with a fire marshal asking where the "fire" was. The butt-groovin', bass-driven funk song "Fire" set the club afire!! Three male patrons in the back danced in a frenzy as the funk scorched them to death!!

The short Ohio Players set ended at 9:25pm.

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