(with Superhoney)
At the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA - 3/23/01



At 7:30pm, the funk-rock group, Superhoney, started their performance......I was kinda "in and out" as far as observing the show because some of the younger members of Original P had checked in......I was in the dressing room half of the time. The Superhoney set was over at 8:00pm.

Here's what I recollect:

1.     the lead vocalist was a super-fine, super-funky white chick who first came to the stage wearing a pink wig.

2.     the keyboardist did some stank-a-licious synthesized riffs.

3.     the band did a very good version of the Bill Withers's classic "Use Me".

4.     the band did a funky version of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Starting Somethin'"......shit, it beat the hell out of M. Jacko's version, especially with the funky drums.

At 8:20pm, Original P started their set with "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples". The funky hornz from Deep Banana Blackout were sitting in with Original P. "Undisco Kidd" (as far I as can recollect) incorporated the Ray Davis's spotlight, "Pumpin' It Up"! That was followed by "Up For The Down Stroke". "Tear the Roof Off The Sucka" was extra-funky with some tasty drumbeats by Ben Powers, Jr!!! (Oh, by the way......did I mention that Original P was using Superhoney's instruments? O.P.'s gear was still enroute from Cleveland due to vehicle breakdown). "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" featured some stank keys by the one and only Douglas Knight-Smith!!

"Cosmic Slop" benefited from the sizzling, Garry Shider-like vocals of Douglas and the electrifying guitar force that nearly crumbled the Orpheum Theatre to its foundation (thanks to the guitarists, Gene Thomas, Billy Mimms, Paisley & Derrick Davis)......actually, Gene and Billy really turned the mutha out!!!

The female backing vocalists (De'Jean, Emerald & Jackie Love) sounded good on "Atomic Dog", as well as the lead vocalists (Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas & Ray Davis). Pete Piscarzyk funkatized fans with supergroovalistic grooves on keyboards for "Knee Deep"!! Derrick shined on the funk bass for "One Nation Under a Groove"! "Stomp" featured a "heartbeat" bass drum rhythm intro and s'more good vocals by the O.P. girls!! "Flashlight" was da shit with some funky DBB horns and stank-a-licious keyboards by Pete and Doug!!! The Original P show was over at 9:45pm.

At 10:15pm, Deep Banana Blackout started their set..........again, I was in the dressing room for most of the show. I did catch the guys doing "Breakfast at Volo's" & "Pure Gravy". The hornz were as smokin' as always and the funky lead vocals by Hope Clayburn were great!! I love the funky-ass organ riffs that make Deep Banana Blackout so irresistible!! For the encore, DBB did an amazing version of P-Funk's "Red Hot Momma".......everyone from the previous bands (Original P and Superhoney) came out and danced (and sang) with the DBB on this fiery hot funk-rock song!! Deep Banana Blackout's set ended at 11:45pm.

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