(w/ DJ Logic & Project Logic)

At Valentine's - Albany, NY (10/15/00)



The turntable master, DJ Logic!

At 9:45pm, the funky sounds of DJ Logic and Project Logic filled the club with some great jazz sounds with some hip-hop flavor! (Sorry, I don't know any of their songs or their set, so please bear with me!) The fans were dancing and bouncing about and bopping to the sinister, wicked synthesized sounds of keyboardist Mike Weitman!! DJ Logic and co. played a couple of songs where the rhythm was sped up to frantic pace, and the audience went wild!!! A vocalist named Baba appeared onstage to do a love song with his smooth raps.......Baba later did some beatboxing and the backing groove was really PHUNKY, even later when the tempo picked up drastically at the end. The set ended at 10:50pm.

The personnel: DJ Logic (turntables), Casey Benjamin (sax, flute, keyboards), Matt Rubano (guitar), Mike Wietman (keyboards), Baba (vocalist), and Stephen Roberson (drums).

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OP bass player Derrick Davis, before the greatest show of the night!!

At 11:45pm, Original P took to the stage with some funky sounds of "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples". The sad part of the show is that Ray Davis (the fourth lead vocalist) could not make the show because he is not feeling well at the moment! The keyboardisms by Pete Piscarzyk was funkalicious on "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On", which included Fuzzy Haskins riling up the audience with his chant, "The Funk is in the House". Derrick Davis took the place of his father Ray by singing bass vocals on "Pumpin' It Up", but his mic may have beenturned down a little too low. "Pumpin' It Up" incorporated the music of "Get Off Your Ass and Jam". "Up For The Down Stroke", "Tear the Roof Off The Sucka" and "Atomic Dog" were good, but "Cosmic Slop" was the best with electrifying, scorching guitar solos by Billy Mimms and Gene Thomas. Original P did "Party Down People" which got everyone in a partyin', dancin' and singing frenzy........the song included a portion of "Do That Stuff"!!!

The electrifying guitarist, Paisley!

"Maggot Brain" smoked with heavy lead guitarisms by Gene and heavy bass by Derrick! "Funkentelechy" was irresistible with some bombastic drumming by Ben Powers, Jr.!! Another fan and I were singing into Fuzzy's mic!!! "Mothership Connection" was hot, and so was "Knee Deep", with funky keyboards by Pete and Dan Motes!
"One Nation Under a Groove" incorporated a portion of Kirk Franklin's "Stomp", with the beautiful Emerald on lead vocals......it was so heavenly!!! "Red Hot Momma" featured heavy lead guitarisms by Billy, but included an incredible lead guitar solo by Paisley!! Gene tried to match Paisley's intensity. "What Dat Shakin'" was great, because the OP girls were shakin' their fannies to the audience!!! "Flashlight" ended an exhausting night for the group members (and the fans, too) at 1:55am.

The personnel: Fuzzy Haskins (lead vocals), Grady Thomas (lead vocals), Calvin Simon (lead vocals), De'Jean (backing vocals), Emerald (backing & lead vocals), Jackie Love (backing vocals), Gene Thomas (guitar), Billy Mimms (guitar), Paisley (guitar), Pete Piscarzyk (keyboards), Dan Motes (keyboards), Derrick Davis (bass), and Ben Powers, Jr. (drums).

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