(with Funk-Kin and Brown)

At the Strand Theatre - Plainfield, NJ (8/31/02)



I arrived in Plainfield, NJ around 4:15pm.....to hang out with the original players of the "P", Ray Davis & Grady Thomas (of Original PFunk, Parliament/Funkadelic fame) and the members of Original PFunk and the second-generation P-funksters FUNK-KIN, featuring special guest K-Funkstar!!! It was great to be back in the city where the "P" originated.......it was like going back to the place where the Mothership was first built (where it was just a pile of metal, nuts & bolts)!!! I went out and purchased a new Afro wig from a nearby wig shop (mine was torn up). I picked up a CD of James Brown's newest project, "The Next Step" and a funk compilation CD called "All Funked Up". The locals were gawking at the new wig that I was sportin'! (By the way, Gene Thomas......how were those birthday cookies?!)


Hours passed as I converse with members of Funk-Kin, Original PFunk and some other friends......then it was showtime. The show began around 9:30pm with the hilarious comedy of CP Lacey (at one point, he dressed like Michael Jackson and imitated him down to the "T") and the soulful singing of Dena Allen-Spivey.

(You will have to pardon me if I cannot recall a lot of details in the following acts......I was overcomed by the funky music that I didn't write anything down!)

Around 10:30pm, funk band, BROWN, went on and did around 45 minutes of hard-hitting, slammin' funk! The basswork was definitely funky (like nine cans of wet Magic shaving powder) and the guitar licks were fierce! The funky horns were definitely on the one.......I only wished that I could have the whole thing on tape so I can hear it again! (It was a shame that I couldn't get any of their merchandise right there!)


Around 11:30pm, the Plainfield-bred sons & bros of the "P", Funk-Kin, played with all of the funkiness that made them such a hellified funk band! The nasty funk overwhelmed the audience on "It's On"....the nasty basswork of Billy Perk Puryear (Funk-Kin alumnus) and the lead guitarwork of Charlie Rivers was off da hook! "Off Da Hook" and "I Heard" were good. Eric Seiz (Funk-Kin alumnus) is still funky on the trumpet! Nowell Haskins will always be Plainfield's funky drummer!! I loved the sleazy funk version of "Might Wanna Get Laid Back" with the funky vocals of "the star -- guest vocalist" K-Funkstar (the artistformerly known as Keith Thomas), Twin, and the two female background vocalists,Roxanne Yery (Funk-Kin alumnus) and Robin!! I loved the smokin', Worrell-esque synthesized riffs of Mr. Donald Banks!!! (applause!) K-Funkstar once again shined vocally on "The Funk Done Gone Hip-Hop", with the irresistible Nate Shider on rhythm guitar!! The show ended around 12:15am.


At 12:30am, the Original PFunk band came on and raised the funk bar with the babytalk-babble of "Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples": "Ga ga goo ga, ga ga goo ga, ga ga goo ga ga"!! Kudos to Pete Piscarzyk on the funky keyboardisms! K-Funkstar hyped the crowd up (along with help from one Dr. Brookenstein) during the Original PFunk set. Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins and Grady Thomas vocally showered the fans with some serious P-Funk stuff for 2 1/2 hours, with help from the sexy & funky background vocalists, De'Jean, Jackie Love and Emerald Davis!!

The song listing included:

·         Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples

·         Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On

·         Tear the Roof Off the Sucka

·         P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)

·         Cosmic Slop

·         Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

·         Up For the Down Stroke

·         Ray Davis's spot: "I Can Make You Dance" (by Zapp)
"Wade in the Water" (by General Caine)
"Papa Was a Rolling Stone" (by The Temptations)

·         Atomic Dog

·         Maggot Brain

·         One Nation Under a Groove

·         (Not Just) Knee Deep

·         Red Hot Momma

·         Flashlight


1.     "Bop Gun" never sounded so good, sung by the amazing Douglas Knight-Smith!! (such a soulful voice that reminds of Garry Shider!)

2.     "Maggot Brain" blew everyone away, thanks to the fiery lead guitarwork of Gene Thomas!! (must be the cookies that give him lots of power!!)

3.     "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" was super-funky, thanks to the heavy bassisms of Mr. Derrick Davis!!!!

4.     "Cosmic Slop" was fantastic, with the rich-bass vocals of Ray Davis and the funky tenor of Gene Thomas! The true highlight was the mega-power rock guitarisms of Mr. Billy Mimms!!!!

5.     "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" sounded very good, with the tight drumming of Ben Powers, Jr.!

6.     "Knee Deep" was another shining moment, vocally, for Douglas Knight-Smith!

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