At the Stone Soul Picnic (in Druid Hill Park) - Baltimore, MD (8/18/07)


The funky Michael Henderson on bass & vocals!

At 4:45pm, Michael Henderson started his set with an estimate of 50,000 to 100,000 people checking out the show (including a lot of young people). The first song was a funk showstopper called "Wide Receiver/Hot Dog", featuring some of the nastiest slap-funk bass riffs by Michael himself! (CAN YOU SAY "PHUNKY?!!!"...the backing band was jamming as hard as Michael was. After a ballad, it was on to a very familiar ballad called "You Are My Starship" (and some of the fans were singing the chorus along with Michael). "Valentine Love" was some serious baby-makin', slow-n-tender love music with some good saxophone riffing. "Take Me, I'm Yours" was the finale to the set , with a good funky guitar melody. The Michael Henderson set was over at 5:15pm.

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Original "Sir Nose" Larry Heckstall, with the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Parliament vocalist Fuzzy Haskins!

At 6:40pm, Original P came to the stage to summon the Mothership by funkatizing the funkateers with a hefty dose of "Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples". Fans old (through the VERY YOUNG too) were totally under the spell of the P!! THIS WAS FUNK HEAVEN, BABA!! "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On/The Funk is in the House" sounded so good with the lead vocals of legendary Parliament vocalists Fuzzy Haskins and Grady Thomas (whom some people thought was George Clinton)....the song featured a little bit of "Pumpin' It Up" featuring Gene Thomas on the deep bass vocals (like the late Parliament vocalist Ray Davis used to do it)....as a matter of fact, even with all of this funky music, it just didn't feel right without Ray being there! "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka", "Up For the Down Stroke" and "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" were followed by "Cosmic Slop", featuring Kevin "K-Star" Shider on lead vocals and Gene on co-lead vocals (done in a Ray Davis tone)....close to 100,000 fans had to take cover when Gene cut loose on a flaming lead guitar solo! Talk about riffs dangerous enough to turn an average niteclub into a smolderin' heap of rubble!! The funky bass riffs of Derrick Davis dominated on "Atomic Dog"! "Flashlight" was the finale to this funk fest with Fly providing some standout funky synthesizer riffs! The show was over at 7:45pm.

The Original P Players:

1.   Fuzzy Haskins - lead vocals

2.   Grady Thomas - lead vocals

3.   Derrick Davis - bass

4.   Gene Thomas - lead guitar, lead & backing vocals

5.   Kevin "K-Star" Shider - guitar, lead vocals

6.   Billy Mimms - guitar

7.   Pete Piscarzyk - keyboards

8.   Fly - keyboards

9.   Chyp Davis - percussion

10.                     Ben Powers, Jr. - drums

11.                     Emerald Davis - backing vocals

12.                     Rose - backing vocals

13.                     Charlene - backing vocals

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