At the Electric Factory - Philly (3/04/01)



At 9:00pm, Atlanta's funky hip-hop joint, OUTKAST, graced the stage of the Electric Factory with their STANKONIA Intro, which quickly segued into "Gasoline Dreams"......a tune that exemplifies HIP-HOP WITH A ROCK GUITAR FLAVOUR!!! This shit worked the crowd into a dance frenzy. There were 3 backing vocalists (2 female and 1 male), 4 dancers (who first came out dressed in all black with something like SWAT tops with short pants), 2 guitarists & a DJ. Unfortunately, the music seemed to (at times) drown out the vocals of rappers, Dre & Big Boi! "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" was the background music when both guitarist did some great solos. The first guitarist (dressed in blue & white) did a hot lead guitar solo, while David Y (the second guitarist) did a more melodic, almost psychedelic solo. As the band members were introduced, one could not resist the beautiful vocals of Miss Jackson (eh....that's Keisha Jackson......NOT THE OTHER ONE)!! "Skew It on the Bar-B", "Elevators (Me and You)", "Da Art of Storytelling (Part 1)", and "Aquemini" followed the "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" segment.

Interesting enough, the curtain closed and it was two minutes before the band resumed. The stage was changed a bit.........picket fences were placed along the stage. Wait a minute......is this supposed to be a hip-hop show OR a theatrical play??? If it's the latter, I think the intermission was way too short!!! (HA HA HA HA HA!!!) "Crumblin' Erb", "Sky High" (featuring a guest performance by the Goodie Mob"), and an appearance by Slimm Calhoun on another song were all good, but the performance of "So Fresh, So Clean" was better with the four guys all dressed in perfect white T-shirts & shorts, posing and.....well, "acting so fresh and so clean"! "Spaghetti Junction" and "Xplosion" were followed by "Red Velvet", where I noticed one flaw: the DJ turntable scratching was a little too much. "Humble Mumble" and "We Luv Dees Hoes" followed.........

something pretty nasty/freaky happened during the "Hoes" song.......a couple of guys onstage were actually grabbing their girls and THROWING them into sexual positions for some wild "pretend fucking".....including doggystyle, missionary, and the position where the guy holds the girl in his arms and she bounces on the dick like a pogo stick!! NO 69ERS Y'ALL!!!! (Yeah, I know you're disappointed!!!)

"Gangsta Shit" and "Rosa Parks" were good. "Miss Jackson" worked the crowd into a feel-good, sing-along attitude, while "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" had every ass in the place shaking with its fast-tempo, electronic groove......the guitar solo was irresistible!!!! The show was over at 11:00pm.

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