At North by Northwest (NXNW) - Philly (6/3/05)



Funky keyboardist/vocalist John Gros!!

At 10:35pm, New Orleans funk band Papa Grows Funk started the first set with a wild, super-funky instrumental jam, featuring the blazing guitar riffs of June Yamagishi, churning organ riffs of John Gros, horny saxophone horns of Jason Mingledorff, super-tight drumming of Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander, and some monstrous bass riffs! New song "Rat-a-Tang-Tang" featured the soulful vocals of John Gros. "Doin' It" was another long, funky jam session which segued into a new song called "Big Wind", featuring some more hot guitar licks by June! All of these tunes and a few another made for a great show, which ended at 11:50pm.

"Jellybean" Alexander, Jason and (??)

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