PBS (George Porter Jr., David Russell Batiste & Brian Stoltz)

At Mexicali Blues - Teaneck, NJ (10/20/06)



George Porter, Jr., Brian Stoltz & David Russell Batiste!!!

At 10:50pm, the funky show started with PBS (George Porter Jr., David Russell Batiste & Brian Stoltz) doing a funk instrumental, followed by The Meters's "Cissy Strut" and "Grits & Hurricane" (dedicated by Earl King). "Seven Desire" was a good song featuring lead vocals by Brian and some funky dueling between Brian's guitar and George's bass...let's not forget the powerful drum ending to the song, courtesy of Mr. Jack Daniel himself...David Russell Batiste!! "Out in the Country" (originally by The Meters) featured George on lead vocals and Brian on country-style guitaring. "I Believe", sung by Brian and George, was good because of the funky chemistry between guitar and bass, after each verse! (I wish that I had an audio sample of this track to further explain this) "PBS" required audience participation and was a serious funk jam featuring some tight drumming by New Orleans's FUNKY DRUMMER David! The set ended with the appropriate "Good Old Funky Music" (originally by The Meters)! The first set was over at 12:00 midnight.

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