(featuring rare artwork from Funkadelic's "ELECTRIC SPANKING OF WAR BABIES")
At the EXIT ART Gallery, NYC (5/01/99)


Dr. Brookenstein, hanging out with the legendary great artist, Pedro Bell!!

I was so excited to finally meet Mr. Pedro Bell (the legendary Funkadelic/P-Funk artwork wizard) when I rushed into New York City at 3:40pm. I made the stupid mistake of getting off the subway at 42nd Street, thinking that Park Central Hotel (870 Seventh Avenue) was in the vicinity of Times Square. Well, I had to make a 14-block walk to the hotel with a luggage bag! I contacted Stozo The Clown's house and left a message for Pedro, about 20 minutes before I received a phone call from the almighty artist, telling me to show up around 6:00pm!! I spent 45 minutes walking around in the EXIT ART Gallery (548 Broadway), checking out Pedro's rare album cover pieces, and the other artwork that was on display. I ran into Stozo's friend, Ken Scott, who at first thought that I was Pedro.....actually, I was surprised to find out that this guy knows about the ZEEP magazine (Pedro's P-Funk fanzine).

Dr. Brookenstein, in front of one of the rare art pieces!!

At 6:45pm, Stozo and Mike O'Neal (photographer/reporter for ZEEP Magazine) escorted the majestic "Pedrodelic" into the exhibit. Pedro and I shook hands and he laid his packages across from the front desk. A lot of people showed up to admire the thought-provokin' and humorous artwork of Pedro Bell, and when Pedro showed up, people gathered around to meet this P-Funk prodigy. I took pictures of the Pedrodelic artwork, Pedro, Sharon Davis (key liaison to the Pedro Bell artwork) and Stozo. I met Sharon Davis, who is a very beautiful and kind woman whom Pedro seems to have a strong liking for. The exhibit continued into 8:15pm, when the lights were turned off abruptly and everyone was forced to exit the building.


At 8:45pm, wanting to hang out with Pedro, I followed Pedro and his posse to a restaurant on Lafayette Street called "Fez". The food was good, but the burgers took a long, long time to cook (TALK ABOUT WELL-DONE!). I had a little conversation with a woman about my job as an associate of Pedro Bell and his ZEEP magazine project, while in a "purple haze" due to some Russian Vodka. (I am a photographer and reporter for ZEEP Magazine) Pedro was deep, OR should I say, ZEEP into conversation with a couple of his friends.


After dinner (around 11:15pm), Pedro and his posse went to a club called C.B.G.B.'s....I met everyone over there after I had to make a run to a nearby Tower Books & Video store for a DVD purchase. I entered the club around 11:40pm and noticed how packed it was. I was telling Stozo that based on the appearance and size of the club, C.B.G.B.'s was giving me the heeby-geebys!! Seriously, I had a good time with such hardcore rock groups as Parker and Tamara. Personally, I think Parker did a better, funkier performance that Tamara. Stozo and I were discussing things like Jimi Hendrix, the FUNK-O-RAMA shows and Bernie Worrell's band. Pedro and I were discussing stuff about Overton Loyd. When the live bands were done at 2:30am, I met Pedro outside the club with his luggage bag. When Pedro said that he was heading out to another "nightlife" spot, I was really shocked......I was expecting a guy his age wanting to quit the nightlife for the rest of the night.....but NO.....I was the one crying that I was exhausted and I went back to the hotel!!!! Yeah, talk about one's energy bar being depleted!! Pedro is a true party gotta give him props!! He and Stozo were up until 6:45am........DAMN!!!! By the way, Pedro autographed my vinyl copy of the COSMIC SLOP album!!


I woke up at 10:30am Sunday morning. I left the hotel at 11:30am to get my photos developed. Mike O'Neal and I met Stozo and Pedro at Stozo's residence. At 1:00pm, we went to Boston Market to grab a bite! I handed Pedro his own personal copy of the photos that I took. After some conversation about George Clinton and the P-Funk thang in general, I left at 2:00pm to catch a train back to Philly!

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