At the Grape Street - Philly (4/6/07)


Phunkyman, phunkyman, rock da funk like nobody can!!!

At 8:35pm, Phunkyman started his funky show with some tunes from the new CD "My Kinda Blue: Phunkyman #2". The nasty funk-rock of "Give Me Something I Can Use" was filled with heavy bass tones by Warren Davis and loud crankin' guitarisms (by Phunkyman himself)! "Here Comes De Funk" was good with the majestic horns of saxophonist Elliot Levin, trumpeteer Dave and trumpeteer Eric Bigelow. "Guitar Slanger" featured some more of the Phunkyman guitar fire! "Flyin'" was a mid-tempo R&B song with a good lead guitar solo, while "Can't Hide Your Beauty" stood out with emphasis on conga percussion (provided by Dora Eaton & Pedro) and lead vocals by Dora! "(You Are My) Funky Sunshine" started out with a fine bass workout by Warren. All of this stuff anchored by the master drummer, Mr. Andre "Bam-Bam" Adams. The Phunkyman set was over at 9:05pm.

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