At the North Star Bar - Philly (5/06/04)


At 11:10pm, Phunkyman (formerly P.M. and the New Breed) began their set with a brand new phunky jam (to be released on a CD sometime in June)....the jam consisted of phunky man himself on some phunky guitar, Warren on some thumpin' bass (sorry, Koot couldn't be there!), Dave and another cat on phunky trumpet, Mrs. White Soul Sista Dora Eaton on vocals and percussion, and Andre Adams on the power drums! After that, it was time for some vintage P.M. stuff like "Here Comes Da Phunk" with da horny horns blowing ever so nicely!! "Summertime" was a good NEW song by da Phunkyman, which was followed by a tribute to James Brown (like T.M. Stevens would do it)......."Soul Power/Sex Machine" was just too, too phunky with the horny horns and the phunky rhythm guitaring of the Phunky man. The next song was a melancholy-type thang which sounded similar to King's X's "Mr. Evil"....the Phunky man soared all over the place with his lead guitar!! "You Are My Phunky Sunshine" featured some bad-ass bassics by Warren! The band finished their short set at 11:55pm.

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