At The Grape Street - Philly (5/19/05)




At 10:20pm, PHUNKYMAN and his merry group of phunksters started their set with some of "My Experience", the funky horn-driven intro from the recent Phunkyman release. "Testify" was some good uptempo funk with the good lead vocals of Phunkyman himself, background vocals by Dora Eaton, smolderin' bass by the ever-so-deadly Warren Davis and some good percussion! "Here Comes De Funk" featured the lead guitar fire of the madman on the lead axe, Phunkyman, coupled with some great moments of horniness from the horn players, Eric Bigelow, Dave and some guy on the trombone!!! "SummaTime" featured a super heavy-duty bass funk workout and a duel between the bassist (Warren) and drummer (Andre Adams) to see who was more outrageous! The interlude following featured Phunkyman playing some hardcore Latin lead guitar riffs and encouraging every fan to shout "Olè!" The last song was the funky "Funky Sunshine" sounded great, but what was the purpose of the really didn't add anything to the tune!

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