At Doc Watson's Pub - Philly (11/9/07)


Funky guitarist Phunkyman, himself!!

At 12:15am, the band PHUNKYMAN started their set with some old school PM stuff called "Here Comes De Funk", featuring the majestic horny horns of saxman Elliott Levin and Eric Bigelow...and featuring the mad rock guitar slaying of Mr. Phunkyman himself!! "Give Me Something I Can Use" and "Flying" were followed by another old school PM song called "Funky Sunshine" featuring a standout bass solo by Warren Davis. "Can't Hide Your Beauty" was a lead vocal spotlight for vocalist Dora Eaton, featuring Elliott on the flute, good conga percussion by Pedro and some NASTAY rock guitar riffing by Phunkyman! Following this song was a lethal funk-rock jam, backed by the powerful drumming of Andre "Bam Bam" Adams...the jam turned into the super-funky song "Guitar Slinger", featuring serious sessions of bass swooping and poppin' by Warren!! (Warren even threw in a little bit of Sly Stone's "Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin".) Things got funkier when the band went into The Ohio Players's "Love Rollercoaster" and Prince's "Kiss". Phunkyman ended the show with something from the first Phunkyman CD...a song called "Summertime". Around 1:30am, it was all over.

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