At The Khyber - Philly (7/9/04)



Soul Kitchen members: Dave Munch, Chris Taylor, John Huie & Dave Housel

At 9:45pm, Soul Kitchen started their funk set with a little "Cookin' For The Soul".....basically, the song cooked. "I Don't Know" was a humorous song with mention of whether or not to take I-76 (Philadelphia's Schuylkill Expressway), some good synth riffs by John Huie, funky bass by Dave Munch and a violin solo by Dan Huie! "Tired" featured some lead vocals by Dan and John. "Lovely Day" was followed by "Leave Me Alone", a funky song with a good bass solo, rhythm guitar riffs, and some good percussion & drumming by Matt Galletti! "Ponce De Leon" was the low point of the set....truth be told that John doesn't have a great voice (a good and interesting voice, sure!) and it seems like he's trying to fit too many words into a verse and a few of the songs (probably the slower ones) seem to not fit his vocal styling."Superstition" (by Stevie Wonder) actually sounded very good....the clavinet was good (not real tight, but good) but the horn players Dave Housel and Chris Taylor need to AMP that shit up! (The song would have more punch to it) "Cheer Up!" was the ending to this set at 10:45pm.

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At 11:15pm, Natural Selection started their R&B/funk set with a song called "Come Together"......the lead vocals were totally BEAUTIFUL.....very soulful!!!! The synthesizer riffing was also very, very good! "Come on Over" was also very good!! The next song was a bass workout that was so funky, it reminded me of Funkadelic's "Music For My Mother" (I almost started singing "Woh ha hey, woh ha ha!) A few more R&B and funk the way, the crowd was gettin' bigger at this time and lovin' NATURAL SELECTION.....and their set was over at 11:55pm.

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At 12:10am, the band SWEETIE started their funk/rock set with some hard-hitting funk rock, with some good synthesized riffs BUT the guitar riffs were jammin'!! A couple of pop-rock style tune were performed, but the best part was the performance of "For Real", a funky guitar tune with an electrifying guitar solo, solid drumming and good vocals......along with a rapper. SWEETIE was over at 12:35am.

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The funky & pimpalicious PHUNKYMAN!!!

At 12:55am, PHUNKYMAN started their set with "The Intro/My Experience", featuring Phunkyman on guitar and talkbox and some good horny horns by Elliott Levin, Eric Bigelow and Dave! "Here Comes De Funk" was a long jam featuring the super-toxic bass rumblings of the mad man Warren Davis (like standing in a room filled with a Raid roach bomb.....choking, gagging, losing the feeling & taste in your tongue, etc.) and the explosive fire of Phunkyman's lead guitarisms (just add a lit match and.......) The good Elliott was blowing his horn again......oops, pardon the pun. "Summatime" featured more talkbox effects and phunky guitarisms! "Can't Have You" was a very good ballad, followed by "Funky Sunshine" and "Love Machine (Sex Machine)/Soul Power"......the place rocked with the funky soundz of the funky rhythm guitarisms, horny horns, and the percussionisms of Dora Eaton!

The last song, "Kiss" (by Prince), featured another Purple tune "Love or $" was 2 funky with Phunkyman playing GOOD-tar behind his head, Elliott blowing....AGAIN, and powerful drumming by Andre Adams!!! The PHUNKYMAN experience was over at 1:45am, and he was counting the tips that some fans threw at him!

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