At World Cafe Live - Philly (7/19/06)


At 9:55pm, South New Jersey funk band Disciples of Groove started with a song called "Light the Way" was a light funk tune with some good bass riffing by Rob Smith. The second song started with a super thumpin' bass intro, some psychedelic guitar grooves by leader Dan Jost, funkier sax riffs by Matt Totora and an interesting drum solo by Dave Gardner! "Sir Duke" was a good rendition of the Stevie Wonder original, with a great sax solo towards the end. "Chemistry" was good because of the funky rhythm guitar intro but better because of the showing off of Rob's slap-bass technique! "Syllabus" featured an electrifying lead guitar solo in the middle. The Simpsons Theme" was cute, but it's starting to get a little old now. "So You Can See" was the ending to the show at 10:30pm.


At 10:45pm, BOY WONDER started their set with a song called "Electric Love", featuring a fast wah-wah guitar intro by BOY WONDER himself, followed by superfunky bass lines, drum beats, rhythm guitarisms and backing vocals as directed by BOY WONDER. There was a blues song that was performed...the bluesy guitarisms were good, but the backing vocals were not that good (IMHO, the backing vocalist should have been wailin' on the blues) "Whiplash" started with BOY WONDER playing some heavy rock notes on guitar, leading into some nasty, hardcore rock guitarisms with matching heavy bass riffs by J.D.! "Beautiful" was a tender ballad that BOY WONDER sang to a woman brought up from the audience. The BOY WONDER set ended at 11:30pm.


At 11:50pm, Phunkyman & his merry band of funkateers came out to perform the JB's classic "Pass the Peas" featuring the phunky horns of Elliot Levin (saxophone) and Eric Bigelow (trumpet)...along with the lead guitar blazing and vocoder vocals of Phunkyman himself!!! "Here Comes De Funk" was Warren Davis's chance to flaunt his secret weapon (like TM Stevens), "walking backwards" on the bass, heavy funk bass slappin' and some wah-wah bassisms...along with Andre "Bam-Bam" Adams being the anchor holdin' it down tight on the drums!! "Waiting on You" featured a nasty lead guitar solo. Warren started playing some good bass lines and Phunkyman & the rest of the band jumped into a short rock jam. "Can't Have You" was a dark, emotional song sounding a little like King's X "Mr. Evil"...featuring some Hendrix-style guitar pyrotechnics by the Phunkyman himself! The only problem with "Summertime" is that Dora Eaton's backing vocals were too low in the mix. Great things with "Summertime"...with Warren, there was enough funky bass poppin' to straighten the curls on his head (AND THIS GUY IS BALD!!)...the trumpet solo was very good...with the sax solo, Elliott blew so hard that we had to call paramedics after he lost the storm that passed through the previous day, Bam-Bam was tearing stuff up on drums (anyone for a 30-second drum roll??) could hear glass shatter at the supersonic frequency of Phunkyman's lead guitar assault (everyone ducked underneath the tables)!!!!! The Phunkyman experience was over at 12:40am.

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