At The Mansion - Philly (9/19/07)


The funky guitarist P.M. (Phunkyman)!

At 8:25pm, Phunkyman and the band started with a slice of P-Funk heaven called "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples", featuring the powerful, thumpin', "Som'n stink & I want some" bass riffs by Warren Davis and the majestic horns of saxophonist Elliott Levin, trumpeteer Dave and trumpeteer Eric Bigelow!!! "Here Comes De Funk" featured the nasty, wet wah-wah guitarisms of one Phunkyman!! "Flyin'" was followed by the slammin' rock tune of "Give Me Something I Can Use"! "You Are My Sunshine" featured the hot sax solo of Elliott and background crooning of Dora Eaton. "Guitar Slinger" was the finale, with the bombastic poppin' bass riffing of Warren! The Phunkyman set was over at 9:05pm.

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Boy Wonder, Kanako Omae & J.D.!

At 9:35pm, Boy Wonder started his set with a couple of rock songs, including the funk-rock sound of "What's My Name?" "I Miss You" (I think that's the song title) was a slow ballad, with some good backing vocals by Raji. "Ain't No Way" was a nasty funk-rock song with serious gusto guitar riffing by Boy Wonder, against a funky bass backdrop provided by J.D. and good drumming by Kanako Omae!! Boy Wonder performed another 4 R&B songs, including the finale "3000 Miles Away". Boy Wonder was over at 10:15pm.

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Dan Jost & Rob Smith!

At 10:35pm, the Disciples of Groove started their set with the funky "Had Enough", featuring the wild lead guitarisms of Dan Jost. Unfortunately, the group was having a lot of sound problems during their set.... (1) first off, Dan's lead vocals were very low in the mix during part of the performance; (2) there was some reverb effect going on while the saxophonist Matt Totora was playing. The performance of The Meters's "People Say" was good, but there were still some sound problems. The band performed a few more songs, ending with the "James Bond Theme" (featuring some good drumming by Dave Gardner) and "So You Can See". (Sorry funkateers, no "Good to Your Earhole" this night!) The Disciples of Groove set was over at 11:05pm.

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