At the Grape Street Pub - Philly (4/10/02)



At 11:10pm, P.M. and the New Breed started the funk with some....."Here Comes the Funk", a long song with some outstanding rhythm guitaring by P.M., a slice of baritone sax heaven by Elliott Levin, and a smolderin', red-hot bass solo by Koot (it shook the foundation of the Grape Street Pub)!!! The drumming (provided by the drummer for a Philly band called Deep Pocket.......not the DEEP POCKET featuring Clayton Harding from the NYC area!) were okay, but not as funky because Andre Adams did not arrive yet......he showed up for the second song, "Groovalicious".

"Groovalicious" was groovin' in the funk pocket with Andre making a more aggressive attack on the drums! Percussionist Dora Eaton provided the sexy vocals for the delicious funk!!

"Waitin' on You" was where the bass pluckin' phool Koot cut loose with megaton bass riffs for dat ass!! Lead guitar rock madness was provided by P.M.!! "All You Really Need" featured the sexy horniness of trumpeteer Eric Bigelow and saxophonist Elliott! "You Are My Sunshine" featured a chorus that was more hardcore rock, thanks to the nastiness of P.M. and Koot!!! "We Will Rock You" was a funky cover to the Queen classic, featuring Maceo Parker's chant "Shake Everything You Got" and the guitar psychedelia of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From the Sun"!! The show was over at 11:50pm.

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