At the North Star Bar - Philly (12/28/00)



Funky guitarist P.M., with powerful bassist Koot!!!!

At 12:35am, P.M. and the New Breed got down with their first song, "Get Down"! The horn solos by Eric Bigelow (trumpet), Joe Auger (saxophone) & Elliot Levin (saxophone) were as HOT as Andre Adams's drumming! P.M. provided some delicious lead guitarisms!! By the way, the horn players did a snippet of P-Funk's "Bop Gun (Endangered Species)"! "Groovalicious" was just that, with Dora D. Eaton on sizzling lead vocals & extra-smothering bass licks by Koot (those were some really, really thick stank-ass bass riffs)!!!! "Funky Sunshine" was followed by the Koot's bass freakout, "Soda Pop"!! "Soda Pop" was so devastating that the North Star Bar's foundation shook fiercely from Koot's bass licks!! "Here Comes Da Funk" featured Dora's good percussion works on the congas.......Joe's sax solo was excellent!! The horns were so funky that they could summon the Mothership!! "Waiting on You" featured some mo' funky lead guitarisms......Koot supported those funky riffs with some thumpasorus bassisms!!! A funky interlude with some sonic lead guitar blasts segued into "Are You Really Need". "Pass The Peas" featured some red-hot solos by Andre (drums), Joe (sax), Elliot (sax), Eric (trumpet), and Koot (bass)! The song segued into "Red Hot Momma"...........super-hot lead guitarisms & popping bassisms galore!!! P.M. included a snippet of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun". The funky set was over at 1:25am.

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