At the Knitting Factory - NYC (6/30/00)



The great Bill Laswell & psychotic guitar phenom Buckethead!!!!

Praxis (featuring Bill Laswell, Buckethead, DJ Disk and Brain) did a very good performance at the Knitting Factory, but I still felt somewhat cheated. Praxis seemed to be showcasing more hip-hop in their act, rather than the stuff off of the "Transmutation", "Sacrifist" and "Metatron" CDs. Maybe it's a little hard to do that stuff when keyboard wizard Bernie Worrell is not on the scene, but then again, he wasn't featured on 83% of the Praxis second CD, "Sacrifist"!


Praxis started at 9:30pm, with a man sporting a monster costume, hyping up the crowd. The band started with some hip-hop/hardcore rock groove with some insane Buckethead axe-slaying, heavy Laswell bass, Brain's frantic drumming, and turntable scratching by DJ Disk!! What followed sounded a little like "Iron Dub" (the ambient track that follow the schizophrenic "Cold Rolled" on SACRIFIST!! Buckethead set off guitar riffs from the very rotting, cancer-infected bowels of H-E-L-L!!!! The Laswell bass had enough power to crush a thousand skulls at once, more lethal than even Brain's psychotic episodes on da skins!!!!! The set featured four rappers and a chanting woman who did a lot of weird screaming........I could have done without this. On the good note, Buckethead entertained fans with some exhilarating guitar antics from the song, "Vacuum Mass"!!!! The jams were extremely long because there were only four or five songs. Praxis's first set ended at 10:25pm with an encore (which didn't feature the musicians......just the chanting woman and one rapper with the DJ)......what the fuck was that??!!!! The show stopped at 10:40pm.

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