PRINCE (The Afterparty)

At Club Black - NYC (3/15/04)


EYE was finally able to get inside Club Black 2 check out Prince at 1:45am (the show started at 1:15am). Prince performed D.M.S.R. (Dance, Music, Sex, Romance) among a fan crowd of approximately 2,000 people......the club was ridiculously packed! (The low point was the outrageous prices 4 drinks.....cola is $5.00??!! WHAT??!! Don't even bother trying 2 get cash 4 their ATMs....$5.99 fee 4 withdrawals??!!! This is definitely one place EYE'll never visit again!! And the way the owners packed the venue was outrageous....EYE spent the first 25 minutes trying 2 find a spot 2 view Prince and the band...EYE was standing at the bar (away from the viewing area) trying 2 get 2 the main floor area, amidst a crowd of 150 or so people packed in like sardines!!) The band threw down with Fred Wesley's "House Party", featuring the Purple 1 on some vocals! "Controversy" and "The Beautiful 1s" were good, especially the latter with Renato on beautiful piano and Maceo Parker on good saxophone. "Nothing Compares 2 U" was great with the amazing drumming of John Blackwell!! "Insatiable" was good and "Sign O' The Times" featured some intense drumming & percussion and some funky keyboardisms by Renato! "Question of U" had some serious lead guitar edge (by the 1 and only Prince).....that song segued into "The One"! "Let's Work" was a great funk workout 4 all the fans! "U Got The Look" was followed by a James Brown groove called "Hot Pants". Following that was Maceo Parker's "Uptown Up", featuring the amazing horn players, Maceo, Greg Boyer, Candy Dulfer (??) and another sax player!! Another vocalist came out and performed the classic "Soul Man".......great vocals and some frightening power bass riffs by Rhonda Smith!!!! "Kiss" was the funky rhythm guitar ending 2 the afterparty event at 3:15am. People were still waiting 4 some more of the Purple 1, but it didn't happen.

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