(featuring KEVIN GOINS)

At Chez Maree - Plainfield, NJ (11/18/05)



At 12:05am, Kevin Goins (brother of P-Funk legend Glenn Goins and legendary vocalist/guitarist of QUAZAR and SPACE CADETS) kicked off a funky set with the UK Funk Mob, P-THEORY! The first song was one that heavily used the rhythm of "Payback" (the James Brown classic) with some different lyrics and a blistering lead guitar solo by Kevin himself!! "If You Don't Need It, Don't Do It" was followed by "I'm a Bad Man" (sounded like a cross between P-Funk's "Unfunky UFO" and Prince's "Anotherloverholenyohead"), which featured stanky scratch guitarisms by Graham and some good drumming by Dave. "A Promise is Not to be Broken" was a good ballad with some fuzz basslines by P-Theory leader, Alex Campbell! The next song featured Kevin on some nasty slide guitaring. The last song that was performed revisited a piece of P-Funk's "Mothership Connection". One of the best parts of the show was the three beautiful women who handled the backing vocals. The show was over around 1:15am.

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