At Cafe 111 - Brooklyn, NY (1/09/04)



Mabili (Kregg) Ajamu having fun with a Rhythm Republik fan!!

I arrived at Cafe 111 pretty late because of some problems with the rail system in the Newark, NJ area. At 11:00pm (after speaking to Sharief Ali of BURGUNDY), I heard the funky sounds of Rhythm Republik doing "Sweatshop Blues", featuring the powerful vocals of Roslyn Jackson! The birthday boy, Mabili (Kregg) Ajamu, sounded as crazy as usual, taking about five minutes to talk some shit about a woman stalking him (......like WHO would actually stalk this guy?!) After some joking around, it was back to the music.....Mabili and Roslyn did lead vocals for the beautiful ballad "Last Minute to Forever". Rosyln did some great vocals on the reggae-flavored "Body of Life" with Mabili in the audience bonding with the female half....the solos performed by James Williams (on drums), Mark Bass (on bass) and The Pearl (on keyboards) were deliciously funky. "Psychic Toll" was followed by "Live 2 Forever" was some hot funky stuff with monstrous bass licks and high-powered guitar-slaying by Amadou Gaye!! The show was over at 12:00am.

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