At the Knitting Factory, NYC - 1/24/03



At 10:30pm, the conscious funk/R&B group RHYTHM REPUBLIK started their set with "Never Put Me Under (Rise Up)"........the rockin' guitar intro by Groovalicious was off-da-hook and it was so great to see the original lead vocalist, Roslyn Jackson, back in action!!! WOO-HOO!!! "Mystikal Luva" was superb, thanks to the bad-ass vocals of Roslyn Jackson & the greasy vocals of the chicken-man THE FUNKMASTER GENERAL!!! "Nights are Longer Without You" was a funky Latin rhythm song.......so invigorating that I had to dance about the place with my maracas in hand! "All Saints Fall" was pepped up by the fire of the drummer Wildstar!! After the song, "Last Time to Forever", the reggae rhythm prevailed on "Body of Life", while "Psychic Toll" featured the vocals of Angel! "Up From the Underground" was funk nasty, with the fiery guitar licks and popping bassisms by Mark Bass! The last song was "Gitt To Forever" was another funky song with some dominant synthesizer riffs by The Pearl! The set was over at 11:35pm.

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