At the Wetlands, NYC - 8/10/01



At 11:00pm, Rhythm Republik started with a funky version of "Sunchild"....kudos to Groovalicious for the soaring guitar riffs!! Tanya Thillet shined vocally on "Psychic Toll". Heavy bassisms by Mark Bass permeated throughout the song, "Up From the Underground".....the intro featured some interesting guitar and horn riffs. NOTE: RHYTHM REPUBLIK now has a horn & percussion section in their band......and it really adds to the soulful sound!!! "Goddess" was okay and "Sweatshop Blues/Stay Broke" was as funky as the last time I heard Rhythm Republik perform it. "For the Last Time To Forever" was okay, but "Nights Are Longer Without You" was some great Latin-like rhythm drum shit (kudos to Wildstar) some excellent vocals by Tanya and a second female vocalist!! "Mystikal Luva/Finga Lickin' (Hot inthe Kitchen)" was basically the same as the last time they performed it. To close the show, the Funkmaster General & Joshua (from the musical group, Van Ness) chose to do the Prince song, "The Cross"........it was a wonderful ending!! The show ended at 11:55pm.

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