At BAMCafe Live! - Brooklyn, NY (1/20/06)



At 9:50pm, Rhythm Republik started their set with the good R&B groove of "Paradise Right Here, Right Now", featuring Rashida and Mabili Ajamu (The Funkmaster General) on lead vocals. "Disposable Culture" was some great funk-rock stuff with some good backing vocals by Rashida and Charlene (formerly of Original P-Funk). "Flowers in a Cage" was more on the mellow side with some very good rhythm guitar soloing by Jared Booty, but the groove later changed into a super-heavy gutbucket funk groove with the great bass romping of Mark Bass). The R&B ballad "Last Time 2 Forever" was very good. A funky jam ensued which led into the song "Never Put Me Under", a funky R&B song with a message encouraging people to stand up to the bullsh-- around them.....and Mabili.....uh, The Funkmaster General had people in the BAMCafe shouting "RISE UP!" The percussion work by Gary Fritz (on congas) was a very nice touch to the song. "All Saints Fall" was the highlight of the show with some great singing by Mabili, Rashida and Eric "The Pearl" Wilson (who also played keyboards)....by the way, the drummer (Richie Johnson) was very good. One of Mabili's friends, Dr. Brookenstein, came in and repeatedly sang the vocal "Are we only human after all?" while Mabili was walking about in the audience. R&B musician/singer Steve Wallace joined the band and began singing on "All Saints Fall". After the set, people wished Mabili a very happy birthday. The show was over at 10:40pm.

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