At the Electric Factory - Philly (12/19/03)



At 11:40pm, Robert Randolph & the Family Band started their set after a lengthy delay.....there was a little funk-rock jam during the first 10 minutes or so of the show, featuring Robert Randolph on lap steel & electric guitar, Marcus Randolph on drums, Danyel Morgan on bass, ERIC KRASNO (of SOULIVE and LETTUCE fame) on electric guitar, and an organist whose name I cannot remember. "Going in the Right Direction" was a serious audience pleaser......a high-energy funk/rock/gospel explosion, featuring some kick-butt organ riffs!! "Nobody" was another audience favorite, in the vein of "Right Direction"......the favorite part was Danyel's high-pitched cries of "NOBOBY" and "N-N-N-N-N-NOBODY"! Another highlight was hearing the audience screaming "NOBODY", "NO-NO-NO-NOBODY" and nd "N-N-N-N-N-NOBODY"! "Problems" was a slow soulful song, sung by Danyel and featuring Robert on some good electric guitarisms!! "Shake Those Hips" (or whatever it's called) was another jam where some ladies were pulled onstage to shake their thangs....solo performances by Eric Krasno (!), Danyel, Marcus and the organist were definitely hot! Robert also did a tribute to Michael Jackson (who is facing charges of sexual molestation of a minor) by playing "Billie Jean".....sounded pretty good on the lap steel guitar.

Because I was tired and had some other plans, I left the show early at 12:40am.

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