(w/ Cody Chestnut)

At the Electric Factory - Philly (3/15/03)



At 9:30pm, Cody Chestnut began his set.......Cody is a spiritual brotha who tries to instill knowledge, self-awareness and some spirituality into his fans through his pop/R&B music.....very deep brotha with some very good vocals! On one song, drummer Cracklin' Skin (don't laugh....that's the name that I got) got off on a heavy drum solo (powerful stuff)....the ending of the song featured more of the same drumming along with some heavy bassism by Chopper! "Pressure" was a good rock track with some great drumming and rock guitarisms by Cody!! The Cody Chestnut set was over at 10:20pm.


At 10:50pm, The Roots began with an intro song, followed by "We Will Rock You", featuring the signature drum riffs of Queen's "We Will Rock You".....YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! The funky rhythm guitar riffs ending the song continued into "Thought @ Work"! "Water" was a more hyped-up version of the album track.....more pronounced bass work with the audience joining in on the chorus! "Break You Off" was an audience favorite......some tasty funk synthesizer riffs and strong bassisms! Special guest Musiq came out and added his vocals to the song. The bass player went into SUPER-FUNK TERRITORY with a hellified bass solo.....STANK-FUNKY HEAVY BASS POPPIN'!! (Who is this brother tryin' to be......T.M. Stevens??) The bassman played riffs from "Good Times" (originally by Chic) and "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" (originally by Parliament)!! Guest rapper, SKILLZ, came out and did stuff like Run-DMC's "My Adidas" and a song from Slick Rick's album "The Adventures of Slick Rick"! "Sacrifice" was good, but better was The Roots/Cody Chestnut collaboration "The Seed", with soe good rhythm guitar! There was a rock jam somewhere after "The Seed" that led into a song featuring the music of "So Fresh, So Clean" (originally by Outkast)! ?uestlove and other musicians began to entertain the folks with a powerful drum solo (?uestlove) and lots of percussion work!! The keyboardist surprised me when he did some riffs that sounded like a piece of The Meters's song "The World is a Little Bit Under The Weather", and began with some standout blues keyboardisms! The band did pieces of LL Cool J's "I Need Love", Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" and Salt 'n' Pepa's "Push It". There was a tribute to Jay Master Jay and Run-DMC, followed by a Run-DMC song called "Peter Piper" (?) The show was over around 1:40am.

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