At the Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC (2/4/05)


Due to some problems, I arrived at the Velvet Lounge late to walk (at 11:40pm) in on the DC Funk Squad doing their rendition of The Jackson 5 classic "I Want You Back", featuring the cool saxophone melody of Megan Nortrup. The last song performed by the quintet was the "Theme From Suckaman Gonna Gitcha"...this was a masterpiece featuring the funky beats of Jeremy Cutler on drums, the 70's guitar groove of Zach "Professor Z-Love" Cutler, and the supersonic bass funk romp of the amazing kid Dajando Smith!! The best part of the song was the killer percussion soloing by Hodari Faraja Wali Barazahi...this guy was literally knockin' congas over as he played with such ferocity!!!! The DC Funk Squad set ended at 11:50pm.


At 12:15am, RPM (Restoring Poetry in Music) started their soul/funk/hip-hop set with the soulful "Poetry Bum", featuring Raw Poetic on raps and the white guitar player (by the way...who played some good rhythm guitar) on the chorus vocals! Personally, I thought that the addition of a horn player was a nice touch. "Patsploitation" and "Soul Much to Say" were very good songs, but the best song was the funky rock-tinged tune "Atlas". The band's sound is a mixture of The Roots, N-E-R-D and Outkast. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK OUT "RPM" WHEREVER THEY ARE PLAYING!!! The RPM set was over around 1:20am.

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