(w/ Rhythm Republik & Nappyhead)

At the Wetlands, NYC - 9/23/00



At 9:45pm, Rhythm Republik started their set with a new song called "Psychic Toll". "Chocolate Starr" was da shit with some funky-ass guitarisms by Groovalicious and a strong bass solo by Mark Bass. "Thigh" started out with a funk jam........Groovalicious's guitar riffs were excellent! The Funkmaster General had some hot female trying to undress him and rub her body against his! The funk-rock guitar intro to "Sunchild" was nasty as hell!! "Daddy I Wonder" and "Mystikal Luva" were the last tunes.....the latter featured a segment where the men in the club had to get on their knees and the women told them, "I man......on his please!" The extra two ladies onstage were eye-catching! The Rhythm Republik set ended at 10:35pm.

The personnel: The Funkmaster General (lead vocals), The Pearl (keyboards), Groovalicious (guitar), Mark Bass (bass), Tanya Thillet (vocals), Mary Harris (backing vocals), and Kevin Harrington (drums).

At 11:00pm, Nappyhead started their set with some serious funkiness! "Funk Y2K Infection" & "Fly on the Wall" were seriously too funky with some heavy keyboard assault (by Eric Wilson & Prez) and stank-ass bass riffing by Clayton Harding!!! "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" started with an off-da-hook funky jam! "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" was good, including an snippet of "Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples". "Red Hot Momma" was HOT ENOUGH to set the Wetlands basement lounge afire, with the help of the blazing guitars (by John Willis & John Purvis), smolderin' bass licks (by Clayton Harding), and heavy drums (by Ainsley Taylor)!!! The only problem was that Zack Roberson (the Nappyhead overlord) and Tanya Thillet began singing the last chorus while the band was still in the instrumental break. "Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band" and "Atomic Dog" (w/ "Pumpin' It Up") were the last two songs on the set. I was shocked to see that the fans were not invited to step up to the front and join the Nappyhead crew! The first Nappyhead set ended at 11:45pm.

The personnel: Zack Roberson (lead vocals, the boss), Tanya Thillet (vocals), Jay (background vocals), John Purvis (guitar), John Willis (guitar), Clayton Harding (bass), Prez (keyboards), Eric Wilson (keyboards), and Ainsley Taylor (drums).

At 11:45pm, Rudy Ray Moore started his set with mostly blues and rock 'n' roll music, with Rudy singing on the stuff. "Hully Gully Fever" and "Ready, Willing & Able" were among the tunes, along with a Sam Cooke original that I did not recognize.......this Sam Cooke song featured vocals by a good friend of Rudy named Hannibal. Rudy, of course, did some of his nasty humor routine, like "Woman, you're so big........if this place caught fire and everybody had to haul ass, you'd have to make 10 trips!" and "Girls, go ahead and find yourself a fat man.......he'll may lay heavy but he'll never go deep!" RUDY RAY MOORE IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST COMEDIANS EVER!!! The first set ended at 1:00am.


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