At the North Star Bar - Philly (7/6/07)


Saxman Sam Kininger!!

At 11:45pm, Sam Kininger and his band started with some Soulive stuff called "One in Seven", with some jazzy organ riffs by Amy and a great sax performance by the great Sam Kininger! "Ain't It Funky Now" (the James Brown tune) was next and it was JAMMING...especially the nasty-funky keyboard solo portion! "No War for Oil" (from the Sam Kininger self-titled release) featured some nice "vibes" synth riffs over a funky melody provided by the sax (Sam) and the bass (Aaron)! The intro to the next song was this thunderous clashing of the drums & cymbals (Eric), mixed in fast bass rhythms and snythesizer riffing with Sam playing his would be been the "storm before the calm".....BUT NO! The interlude led into the Graham Central Station funk party classic, "THE JAM"!!!!!! The groove was funky, even though the organ riffs were nothing close to as funky as the original, and the strong bass slapping was there!! Big Ben Hillman took over on keyboards (Ben is originally from the Boston-based R&B/funk band, Blacksnake [aka Michigan Blacksnake]). Ben did some good snythesizer soloing on War's "The World is a Ghetto" and the drummer Eric was kickin' butt on this, too. The Sam Kininger set ended after a worthy encore at 1:15am.

Guest keyboardist, Big Ben Hillman!

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