At North by Northwest (NXNW) - Philly (9/26/03)



Drummer Nikki with the saxophonist supreme, Mr. Sam Kininger!!

At 11:10am, Sam Kininger and his band started their funk-jazz groovin' with a fast-tempo song that featured some Afrocentric-sounding drumming by Nikki, great sax riffs by Sam, some good rhythm guitar riffing by Mike, and super-funk poppin' bass riffing by Aaron!! Aaron gave up more of the smolderin' funk bass on the next song. The third song was a slow song, that was followed by an old Michael Jackson (pre-"Off the Wall" days) song called "Always There"! The band did The JB's "The Chicken" and it sounded close to the original.....actually, it was done in jazz fashion with some fast jazz-funky bass licks that were seismic......for those who think that the fault lines under California are the source of earthquakes, think again......Aaron could be playing in your town!!!!!! The next song featured some heavy funk bass, accompanied by an amazing lead guitar solo that featured some outlandish, spaced-out guitar riffing!! Oh, let's not forget the lethal drum ears are STILL ringing right now!!

The last song of the show was DA FUNKIEST TUNE, with some great sax riffs by Sam.....the true highlight of the song, though, was the smokin' slide bass riffs and the tight drumming!!!!! Maybe the boyz in the band will release this show on CD soon (better yet, on DVD)!!!

The show ended at 12:55am.

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