At the Bitter End - NYC (8/27/03)



Keyboardist/bandleader Selan

I arrived at the Bitter End pretty late at 11:45pm to see R&B act, SELAN, performing an instrumental called "Space Rider"....this is where Selan introduced everyone in the band.....the highlights were the glazing lead guitarisms of Mike Ciro (of VICE & Kelli Sae fame), the smolderin' funky bass riffs of Booker King (of VICE & Kelli Sae fame), and the super-powerful drum fire of Todd!!! "Concrete Jungle" featured some solid bass grooves and some fiery guitarisms!! "That's The Way of the World" (an Earth, Wind & Fire original) was done tastefully with some beautiful keyboard riffs by Selan, funky Ciro guitarisms, and tight drumming. The lead and background vocals were also very good. "The Day Will Come" and "Passing Time" ended at 12:15am.

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