(featuring Andre Lassalle, Jerry Jemmott, Greg Woods & Melvin Sparks, and others)

At Lucille's Grille - NYC (12/22/06)


Greg "The Professor" Woods & Andre Lassalle!!!

I arrived at Lucille's Grille (next to B.B. King's Blues Club) about 45 minutes late to check out the guys (Andre Lassalle, Jerry Jemmott, Greg Woods, etc.) doing some good blues stuff, including B.B. King's classic "The Thrill is Gone". After taking a break at 11:30pm, the guys were back to some funky blues cuts at 12:00 midnight, including "Function in the Junction", a JB's-style groove with some blazing horny horns (saxophones and trumpet), super-thumpin' bass lines by Jerry Jemmott and nice rhythm guitar lines by Mr. Andre Lassalle!! "Memphis Soul Stew" was a funky slice of New Orleans/gumbo-style soul music, filled with heaping servings of delicious organ riffs by Greg Woods, sprinkled with New Orleans jazz style GOOD-tar (not guitar) by Andre, and seasoned by some super-tight drumming...with a side order of funky bass and more horny horns...and the desert was the standout blues guitar riffing of Melvin Sparks!!!!! The fellas took a break around 12:20am and came back at 12:45am, with a different line-up and a female lead vocalist. The vocalist sounded great but when she gave the green light to the bassist and lead guitarist (not Jerry and Andre) to do their solos, their solos were barely was like they were turned way down in the mix and Melvin was totally blowing them away on guitar (as they played). When the band did Bill Withers's "Use Me", the sound sucked...Melvin and the drummer were kickin' butt, but every other musician was on another page! Another female vocalist was called to perform "Stormy Monday", a blues song performed almost to the tune of James Brown's "Kansas City"...very lively, funky stuff. Larry Chance (of The Earls) joined the band and performed a slow version of "Stormy Monday" and another song. The line-up of Andre Lassalle, Jerry Jemmott, Greg Woods, Jessica (on sax) and Benny (on drums) performed the King Curtis classic "Soul Serenade", a lovely jazz tune with the wonderful vocals of Mr. Greg "The Professor" Woods! The show was finally over around 1:45am.

Dr. Brookenstein at the show!!

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