At TLA - Philly (10/11/01)



At 9:10pm, Screaming Headless Torsos took to the stage with some good shit!! The first song was "Free Man", featuring some great vocals by Freedom, some tight drumming by Gene Lake, and lots of percussion by Dan Sadonwick!! "Cult of the Internal Sun" featured an interesting lead guitar line with Freedom doing some turntable scratch vocal effects along with Dan's percussion! "Reasons for Silence" was followed by an instrumental that featured Dan saying "911" repeatedly (you know what that's about).....I love the simple yet innovative style of Dan's percussion work....bicycle horns and all!! The next song was a song relating to was a funky jazz song with some amazing guitar effects by Dave Fiucyznski, unusual vocal effects by Freedom, heavy bass riffs by Patrice, and tight drumming & percussion by Gene and Dan, respectively!! "Word to Herb" was another funky jazz tune with some guitar effects and great vocals! The last song was the funky "Smile in a Wave (Theme From Jack Johnson)"......a jazzy tune with a hard-rock chorus....what a delicious contrast!!!

The show ended at 9:55pm.

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