SLAVE (featuring Mark Adams)

At North by Northwest - Philly (12/23/06)


At 10:30pm, the late 70's/early 80's funk band Slave began their show with the song "Way Out" (originally sung by former band member, Steve Arrington)... of course, Steve wasn't there, which is a shame because none of his stuff sounds as great as when he performs it. Interesting enough, this show was more of a showcase for bass monster, Mark Adams, who set out on a mission to let loose a funk bass attack with just about every song. He played some standout FONK bass riffs on "Way Out" and "Weak at the Knees"! After another funk tune (I don't know the name of it), it was on to some serious Slave classics, like "Watching You"...the large crowd of mostly black folks in their late 30's/40's & older was seriously into some of THIS STANK FUNGK!! (By the way, I've never seen North by Northwest set up with just chairs in the middle of the floor--the tables on the sides but the most of the dancefloor was occupied with chairs...very stupid! WE'RE TALKING ABOUT FUNGK Y'ALL...YOU DON'T SIT DOWN FOR FUNGK!!! GEEZ!!) Slave went into a long funk jam with Mark throwing down some of the nastiest slap-funk bass riffs you ever heard...that was for the song "Just a Touch of Love"...even the drummer went into some tight, super-stank soloing! Slave left the stage for a couple of minutes, but Mark Adams came back to funk up the fans with solid funk rumblings of a very familiar tune..............."SLIDE"!! The band came out and kicked off the song with some majestic horns along with the Mark's bass attacks...and some of the folks were "sliding" along with the band! After that blistering performance, the band left Mark onstage to dazzle the fans for another 4 minutes before he was done...around 11:45pm.

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