(with BROWN)

At Tritone - Philly (4/9/08)


Chris Masi, funky guitarist!!

At 9:45pm, BROWN began their funky set with "Habit", but I walked into the club during their performance of "Free Your Sex", a nice, funky 70's-type groove with some very good wah-wah guitarisms by Chris Masi. The funk done hit the fan with the smokin' mid-tempo funk of "You Lied to Me", featuring the nasty, wah-wah distorted guitar fire of Chris and some hardcore bass licks by Nick Paolise! "Sincerity" and "Pop Song" were good, the latter featuring the funky sax stylings of Andy. "Open Arms" segued into the Funkadelic tune "Cosmic Slop"...this time, Andy was jammin' his behind off on sax during the breakdown and (after a couple of minutes) Chris stepped in with some shreddin' rock guitar licks!! BROWN ended their set with a funk tune called "This Time".... their set concluded at 10:30pm.

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Chris Maute, funk bass king!

At 10:50pm, SOLID tore up the Tritone with some of the nastiest, funkiest, noxious bass riffs ever provided by the bass-man Chris Maute!!!!! The first tune featured a nice lead guitar solo by Claymation and some good bass walkin' by Chris! "Solid" (their signature song) was the best EXAMPLE of what funk SHOULD SOUND, earth-trembling bass, LOADS OF ODORIOUS, DIABOLIC-CRAFTED SLAP BASS RIFFS (so POTENT that I had to run out of the club for a few minutes to get some AIR)!!!!!!! Oh, and there was some lead guitar rock soloing and some powerhouse drum soloing by Mikotic! "Nocturnal Condition" started with a nice guitar solo before the nasty funk jam session took over, sounding like some Graham Central Station stuff (actually, it reminded me of GCS's "Earthquake" and the song "Everything is Everything" by the Minneapolis R&B/funk underground outfit GREAZY MEAL) was so nasty that Claymation even threw in a little bit of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From the Sun" on GOOD-TAR!!! SOLID played another 4 or 5 songs (including one that featured a snippet of Parliament's "Do That Stuff" on the bass) before ending their set at 11:30pm.

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