At the L.E.S. End of Summer Jam - NYC (8/26/06)


Very talented vocalist/guitarist Sheldon Riser!!!!!

This was Sonnyboy's last NYC performance before embarking on a European tour in support of the new album "Psycho-Delic-Ghetto-Vibe". At 5:00pm, Sonnyboy performed a 30-minute set starting with the funky "It Don't Matter", featuring great vocals and nasty lead guitarisms by the super-talented one...who am I talkin about...none other than............MR. SHELDON RISER!!! Keyboardist Joe provided some standout organ riffs here. "Josephine Brown" was a great midtempo song, while "Leavin'" rocked harder than the album version (especially since it is a ballad) as the band went into jam mode with strong bass thumpin' by Buster, funky rhythm guitar romping by Sheldon, and powerful drum blasting by Mr. Double D himself, Dave Dawson! Buster started the next song with some gutbucket raw funk was "Boogie on Reggae Woman"...the funk bass persisted with the festive synthesizer riffs. The guys were seriously jamming on this Stevie Wonder original for a few minutes. SHELDON, WHERE DID YOU GET YO FUNK FROM??!!!! It was over too soon at 5:30pm.

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