(w/ Mary Harris, Rhythm Republik, Kelli Sae & Corey Glover)

At the Wetlands, NYC - 11/18/99



I expected a really good funk/R&B show that night, but I had no idea what I was in for!!

Mary Harris, the Philly homegirl on the skins!

Mary Harris (Philly's star drummer) kicked off the event with some seriously funky stuff, accentuated by her powerful drumming skills and Sharieff Ali's (of Burgundy fame) bombastic guitar antics! Hardcore guitar licks and standout bass riffs bounced off every wall in the club during the song "How You Like Me Now". Sharieff Ali added a wonderful, soulful guitar solo during the song, "This Love". "Shine" was the bomb, with a high-energy, hardcore rock slant. The bass player and guitarist (Sharieff) were in rare form, as well as the lethal drum attack provided by Ms. Harris. Mary told the audience that she was going to "positivititize" the audience and it was time for "positivititties" (huh? That's right, "positivi-titties")......shit, I almost forgot the song title "Shine" because of the "titties"!! (Damn....just when I thought I would behave myself that night, Mary got my mind in the gutter again.....gosh darnit!) Oops, almost forgot.......Mary Harris's set started at 8:55pm and ended at 9:35pm.

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Kregg Ajamu, jamming with the common folk! (Ha! Like he's so much better than us!)

At 9:55pm, Rhythm Republik rocked the Wetlands with seriously funky attitude on the song "Disposable Culture". Mark Bass provided smokey bass riffs (I should call him "Ole Smokey") and John Willis "flew on" on the lead GOOD-tar! "Indigo Queen" was very well done as Kregg Ajamu broke it down vocally towards the end.....he brought the house down like a wonderful musical!! Tight drumming (by Wildstar) and an ultra-funky bass intro provided on "Daddy I Wonder". "Sunchild" was the best funk-rock tune with bombastic drumming, strong guitar riffs & some extra "spice" by keyboardist Eric Wilson!! "Secretly" was wonderful with Kim Berry on vocals......she sounded better than Sister Kye, but I still miss Ms. Roslyn Jackson. (Roz, where are you, honey?) "All Saints Fall" included a chorus of "Aaaah"'s during the song's chorus. "Never Put Me Under (Rise-Up)" was real funky, with a heavy bass and guitar intro! The Rhythm Republik set ended at 10:45pm.

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At 11:05pm, Kelli Sae, started her set with an intro and "Fallin'", the latter having heavy drumming. "Life Goes On" and "Change The World" were next, the latter having a monstrous keyboard solo by Bahnamous Bowie! Kelli Sae's powerhouse vocals were beyond superb!! Rhythm guitarist Ben Mauro was funky and percussionist Daniel Sadonwick were tight on "Love You". "Burned" was magnificent with a classic violin solo by Valerie Vigoda and good acoustic riffs by Ben Mauro!  "Where Did Our Love Go"was followed by the last song "Vacant" started out as a mellow, reggae-type tune which turned into a hardcore metal-rock extravaganza! The Kelli Sae lust fest ended at 11:50pm.

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Guitarist Michael Ciro and vocalist Corey Glover are on fire!!

Corey Glover started his set at 12:15am.

Remember the review of
Headfake at CBGB's in New York City (on 11/11/99) where I said Headfake's energy was close to a massive earthquake? Well, Corey's set makes the Headfake shit seem like a weak tremor!! Corey's set was more powerful than a massive's so difficult to describe the set in words......maybe the word "Armageddon" suffices? I guess! How the Wetlands survived the annihilating, bone-crushing force surprised the shit out of me!! I'm still experiencing deafness from that set, as the group pumped a million watts of eardrum-splitting madness for 75 minutes! WHEW!!

The first tune (I think it's called "Original Sin") was FONKAY with hard-edge rock guitar blasts & asphyxiating bass riffs. The drumming was nuclear-blasting & keyboards were dynamite! The song was more frantic-paced thrash rock, close to Praxis's sound. The next song started out mellow with a great rhythm guitar solo that broke into satanic rock! The music stopped and Corey began to preach and "telling Satan to back the fuck up!" "You are My Addiction" was soft-rock all through. "Free Yourself" was da shit with bombastic guitar chords, smolderin' bass, and some funky keyboard shit! The talk box effect by guitarist Michael was irresistible!! Several times throughout the show, Corey was in another zone......the psychotic zone.......screaming, bouncing around like molecules in boiling water, breathing angrily in the mic, and spraying water onstage! He tossed water from bottles onto human targets in the audience, including yours truly!!! DAMN!!! One white guy loved it too much because he would hand Corey a water bottle, and Corey would just nonchalantly douse him with water! PRETTY FUCKIN' WILD!!! His attitude basically matched the brutal insanity of the set!!The psychotic episode ended at 1:30am, following an freak-out encore!! WHEW.....I was worried that Corey might go into cardiac arrest during his insane thang!


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