At Irving Plaza - NYC (11/22/02)



At 10:55pm, Soulive kicked it off with some of the best funky jazz tunes ever heard. The funky rhythm guitarisms of Eric Krasno and the heavy hitting drums of Alan Evans were good, but the star of the show was the keyboardist Neal Evans....the smokin' bass synth riffs were mind-boggling!!More of that spectacular synthesizer and organ work prevailed on "Shaheed", with more pronounced funk guitarisms!

"Acuzar" featured a nasty synthesizer breakdown of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish"!!! "Elron" was a funky new tune from the Soulive crew. A few more songs and the band had alto saxophonist Sam Kinniger blowing some funky horn riffs on "Doin' Something" (I hope these song titles are correct!)....unfortunately, the sax was too low in the mix! Soulive did a wicked version of the Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsy's "Who Knows"! Later, the vocalist for Maktub (sp?) came out and did a song with Soulive and the band began to do some nasty rock-flavored funk with their jazzy shit!! At 1:15am, the show was over.

The song list included:

·         Acuzar

·         Hurry Up...And Wait

·         Shaheed

·         Elron

·         Doin' Something

·         Who Knows

·         One in Seven

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