At Drexel University's CreeseFest (Creese Student Center) - Philly (4/8/05)



Soul Kitchen members: Matt Galletti, John Huie & Dave Munch

At 9:10pm, I arrived to check out Soul Kitchen performing at my alma mater, Drexel University. They were performing the funky intro and "Cookin' For The Soul". They even threw in a little bit of Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie", featuring the funky horns of Chris Taylor & Dave Housel! The horns were in effect for "I Don't Know", the song that included a part about choosing which highway to drive (I-76 or I-95). They performed "Except For You", "Leave Me Alone" and "No More Backseat Drivers", the best song of the night featuring some good solid bass by Dave Munch, soulful keyboards by John Huie, and good vocal combination by John & Dan Huie...personally, I liked Dan's vocals on one of the verses!! The show's closer "Cheer Up!" featured some good rhythm guitaring by Dan and good drumming by Matt Galletti. The show was over at 10:00pm.

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