At the Pontiac Grille - Philly (2/28/04)



R&B/funk outfit THE SOUL OF JOHN BLACK began at 12:00 midnight with some good mellow R&B stuff, featuring J.B. (aka John Bigham, formerly of FISHBONE) on rhythm guitar and C.T. (aka Christopher Thomas) on bass. "Lost and Paranoid" and "Time" were soulful songs. "Fire" was a very good R&B track, with the heavy bass riffs, tasty rhythm guitarisms and lots of good percussion (congas, tambourine, bells, etc.) by Davey!! "Scandalous (No. 9)" was a lovely soulful piece with funky bass riffing! "Carolyn" was a piece where J.B. had everyone singing "Alright!" "Joy" was another R&B track where it was the fans's turn to singing lyrics like "Aww, aww, aww....aww, joy. You bring me heaven." (J.B. had the audience do the "Aww" part in a funky, here I go singing the part ALOUD in some fucked-up, scratchy-throat voice, trying to sound like Sugarfoot, of the Ohio Players. Of course, that just threw J.B. off and made him laugh!) "Supa Killa" was a super-funky song with some heavy bass poppin' by C.T. and some good turntable scratching by the DJ!! "No More" was a bluesy song with some fast-paced light cymbal tapping through the verses, some heavy bass, and some good blues guitaring! The brokedown at the end was just phenomenal.....the drumming was very powerful, the lead guitaring & percussion was hot, and the bass was a-funkin'!! The show ended at 1:15am.

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