At The Khyber - Philly (3/11/04)


SPARTICLE members Royston Langdon & Rene Lopez!!

At 11:30pm, SPARTICLE started their show with some good rock music.....Rogers Stevens provided some funky guitarisms, Rene Lopez was really tight on the drums (he's da shiznit!!) and Royston Langdon provided some good bass riffs! (PARDON ME IF THIS REVIEW IS A BIT "LIGHT", SINCE I KNOW NOTHING OF THIS BAND, EXCEPT RENE AND ROGERS ARE IN IT.) At some point of the show, Royston entertained fans of the rock music by performing one song on the keyboards. "Money's Gone" (a very fast tempo rock song) was where Rogers rocked out on some blazing guitar and Rene tore up the drums & cymbals, especially at the end (with his solo)!!! The show was over at 12:15am.

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