At B.B. King's Blues Club, NYC (10/25/02)


At 9:50pm, Michael Franti and Spearhead started with Michael jumping into his famous poet stuff.....the song was "Fire One". The group did the Earth, Wind & Fire style song called "Oh My God" (recall the EWF song "Devotion") and the funky, pulsating bass track "On and On" (I think that's the song title).....which featured Michael on acoustic guitar and a serious lead guitar solo!! The keyboard solo was beautiful on "Every Little Soul is a Poem".....I love the way Michael dances about during the breakdown!! "Stay Human (All the Freaky People)" got the audience off big time with its funkiness.....solos from the guitarist, bassist and keyboardist were superb and the second vocalist, Radio, did some horn riffs with his voice.....he even began to sing in a very deep register (a la Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong)! Then, it was time to things to settle down with a positive message......I think it's called "Don't Be Afraid", followed by another song which had a funky Afrocentric rhythm to it. "We Don't Mind" was good, and was followed by a song about the over-security of our country post-9/11/01.....Michael says, "There is freedom in vulnerability!" Radio had a beatbox spotlight, which led to the crowd-pleasing, rump-shakin' funk-hop track, Rock The Nation....the drummer rocked B.B. King's and the lyrics were "damn-right" powerful!! "Soul Shine" was very good, but I had to leave at 11:40pm to see the NYC rock band, Funkface.

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