At the Elbow Room - NYC (6/07/03)



Stephanie Erdel & Band: (left to right) Glenn Scott, Lou Castro (below), Neftali Santiago, Stephanie Erdel and Jimi Hazel

At 10:05pm, the Stephanie Erdel band started their rock set. THIS WAS YOUR AVERAGE HARD ROCK OUTFIT WITH SOME EXCELLENT MUSICIANS, featuring Neftali Santiago & Lou Castro (of Mandrill) and Jimi Hazel (of 24-7 Spyz)!!!! To be honest, Stephanie Erdel's vocals are not of the caliber of some serious funk-rock vocalists, like Sheila Horne, but I guess it doesn't matter when you have Jimi burning up the club with fiery guitar riffs on the first original song or Neftali throwing down on some crazy drumming on the second original song. One of the better rock tunes featured some slow-tempo grooves on the verses with some hardcore rock over the chorus part, featuring more powerful lead guitar riffs by Jimi & Glenn and swooping bass licks by Lou!

Legendary drummer of MANDRILL Neftali Santiago & Dr. Brookenstein!!!

A big surprise came when Stephanie did a 24-7 Spyz song called "Burned", featuring the original smokin', pyrotechnic lead guitarisms of Mr. Jimi Hazel!!

Even better was the next song, the amazing Neftali Santiago-penned MANDRILL song "Two Sisters of Mystery" (when Neftali played the first eight beats of the song, my face really lit up as I realized it had to be one of the funkiest, hardcore rock songs ever by MANDRILL)!!! Powerful Santiago drumming permeated through the air of the Elbow Room as every funkateer shook their butts to the groove. Jimi threw in some extra-powerful guitarisms, along with the rumbling bass of Lou!! WOO!!!!!!!

The next rock song ended the set at 10:45pm.

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